Product Design

If you have an idea, we are a design agency filled with product designers that are here to help bring that to life.
We work closely with our clients to create and develop their concept to the point where they can take it to manufacture and then to market.
We have experience helping clients take their ideas through to market.  Our contacts within     
the industry provide you with the opportunity to sit back and let us do the dirty work.  Our design team is here to help.
Not only will we guide you through the process, but we will always allow the opportunity to play an active role in the design.
So if you have an idea, don't just sit on it....get in touch!
                                "Has been a pleasure working with LTD.  
They have not only demonstrated high quality creativity and design,                    but they have also helped advise and guide me with other work,
                                                                                                         going the extra mile."
- Ged McCall, Red Sky Technologies

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Inkless Pens: these pens are unique in that they require no ink, but instead record the movements that can then be accessed online.