3D Visualisation

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One of the key areas that we specialise in, is 3D visualisation.  We use CAD software to model either an individual product or a selection of products in an area.  We then create photorealistic renders to provide you with an idea of how it would look when brought to life.
3D visuals are some of the most helpful stages
of a design process because they provide a scaled photorealistic image of the project. Using graphic design we then present the visuals to our client.
Thus, if you have an idea, a concept or a proposal you would like to visual....we are at your service!
                "I have been extremely happy
                                                        with the level of communication and detail
   put into all designs [LTD] have created for us."
- Macken Gosal, HPCT

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RMS Property Management Reception

The RMS reception area was a project we worked on for a while, and during that time several different proposals were put forward. On each occasion a 3D visual was created to allow the client to gain a full appreciation of how each proposed design would look in-situ.