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Lewis Trott Design | Design Agency Nottingham
Lewis Trott Design | Design Agency Nottingham
Lewis Trott Design | Product Design Nottingham

Bringing an idea to life...

Having an idea and being able to bring that to life is something that many of us dream about.  Becoming an instant millionaire with a revolutionary creation is something made in dreams.
However, we are able to make these dreams become a reality.  Now, we can't guarantee the millionaire bit, but we can certainly help bring your creation to life.
Lewis Trott Design | Design Agency Nottingham
Lewis Trott Design | Design Agency Nottingham
Working closely with all our clients is something we pride ourselves on here at LTD and this project was no different.
Our client, Tom, worked in marketing in London, but had an advertising idea that he wanted to put together on the side of his work.  He already had the main design in his head, and knew exactly what he wanted.  For us, it was just a case of refining and testing the idea.
"Design is not just what it
                           looks like and feels like.  
                                                              Design is how it works."
- Steve Jobs
Undertaking such a project, requires design companies to understand exactly what the client has in mind, and the direction they want to go in.
Following an initial conference call, we were able to compile some sketchwork and development proposals to the existing idea.  Here we met up with Tom in London, and presented the concepts from which we would then be able to refine the design.
Lewis Trott Design | Product Design Agency
Alongside our sketchwork, we also put together some graphic design 3D renders. Renders enable the client to have a much more realistic visual to look at and see how the design is coming together.
With the help of these initial renders, we were able to complete the design, and settle on a final proposal.  From here, the prototyping and testing stage begins....
"Ideas are worthless
            until you get them out of your head
                                    to see what they can do."
- Tanner Christensen
The prototyping stage is vital, because it allows the client the opportunity to rigorously test the product, and helps pinpoint particular areas that need further refining and development.
We have contacts that can quickly provide highly quality yet inexpensive rapid prototypes.  They come ready to put together with each part accurately made to replicate the proposed product.
In the case of this project, it was initially determined that the whole unit was too long for a regular bike.  With adjustments made accordingly and further prototypes produced, we settled on a final design.
The following stages would be to help the client take it through manufacturing and then onto market.  However, for this particular project Tom only required our services up to this stage.
Lewis Trott Design | Design Agency Nottingham

Challenge.  Inspire.  Create.

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